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Thursday, December 24, 2009




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Saturday, December 12, 2009


My husband and I took my granddaughters to Christmas in the Streets in downtown Chickamauga last Saturday. Each year the street in front of the Merchants is closed, and vendors set up. One of the vendors was the local boyscouts who were selling reindeer food and mistletoe.

What does Mistletoe have to do with Christmas? Everyone has heard of "kissing" under the mistletoe. As early as the 16th century the custom of bringing the hostess a sprig of mistletoe to hang from the door or light fixture was documented. Any female lingering under the sprig was a target for a kiss.

Mistletoe is actually a parasitic plant, receiving its nutrition from other plants. The mistletoe plant has been describe as early as 23 BC by Pliny the Elder, who reported the belief that the appearance of mistletoe on the sacred oak was a cause of celebration since it occurred so infrequently. It was also believed that it contained the life of the oak tree after it had lost it's leaves in the winter. When cut from the oak tree it contained some of the sacred power of the oak. Many ancient religions including the Romans, Greeks, Celtics incorporated Mistletoe into their ceremonies and myths. With Christianity, many of the mystical aspects of the mistletoe were abandoned, but kissing under the plant was "okayed".

Mistletoe has also been used medicinally throughout the years for a wide range of conditions. Epilepsy, fertility and conception, healing of ulcers, were a few of the uses of Mistletoe. Most recently Suzanne Somers brought mistletoe to the forefront again, when she reportedly used it in her holistic treatment of her breast cancer. The drug used is Iscador, made with mistletoe extract.
Mistletoe is widely available around Christmas, and you would be better served to purchase it than try to start it in your own tree. It often harms the tree that it chooses as it hosts.

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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Winter Wonderland North Georgia Style

Saturday we awoke to a beautiful layer of snow. We don't see that much here, especially so early in the season. By 9:00 the sun had come out and the snow was almost gone. But, I couldn't resist taking a few pictures. Click on the pictures to get a better view. My oldest lavender next to the gate is covered with snow along with the new ones I planted this year. My calendula, which is STILL blooming, was untouched after the snow melted, and continues to hold on to it's blooms today. The chickens came out, pecking and hunting for bugs, oblivious to the snow which they had never seen, being born this spring.

Todays temperature? 59 degrees and windy. The low for tonight is a forcasted 28 degrees. No wonder my poor plants don't know what to do.


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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Where Did October and November Go?

Would someone please tell me where the last 2 months went? I last posted in September!!!. I did have two bouts with the flu which is unusual for me, the worst was after I received the H1N1 Vaccine. I work in an ICU, and we have had several cases so I thought it was best I received the vaccine. I have never received the flu or pneumonia vaccine, and am rarely sick, but this year....
Okay, that accounts for October, but no excuse for November. But to catch me up
  • A new blueberry and rasberry bush were planted.
  • My grapes and all the new bushes have been mulched for the winter.
  • The garden is cleaned out and waiting for next year
  • A carolina jasmine was planted in front of my house. I love jasmine and can't wait to smell it as I walk out the door this spring and summer
  • A crape myrtle is still in it's container waiting for it's home
  • All my outdoor plants are in the house, but on sunny days get to go out on the deck.
  • Pansies were planted for a little fall color and are poking their little heads up from the leaves on sunny days.

On a sad note, my favorite little banty rooster was scooped from his perch by an owl right in front of my husbands eyes. He was out on the deck around 5 one morning, (had heard a noise), and out of the sky came an owl. We didn't find out until the next morning it was Roscoe.

Most of my Christmas presents have been purchased, but the tree is not up yet.

Looking forward to getting back on track with the posting and the upcoming new gardening year.


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