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Friday, October 19, 2007

Jasmine Moon Photos

I love this potting bench (or bakers rack) made from reclaimed materials; an old door, a window with a mirrow behind it, and the legs from various tables,beds, etc. On the bench is an old enamel pitcher with hens and chicks, and an old rusty tool box with ivy. Beside the bench is an old canvas carrier which used to be in some of the carpet mills around the area. It is filled with a peace lily. the other picture is my "Plays in the Dirt" t -shirts, hats, and bags. Behind it you see a kitchen island made from old barnwood, tin, and shutters. The top has a beautiful red and yellow mosiac tile top. The pink bed is a flea market find, painted pink.
thanks to my daughter n law Ashley who made these pictures. She knew I would never get around to it!

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Pictures of the Jasmine Moon

This picture shows an old wicker chair that would look great under a tree, with a sign (this one says "Plant it Here") or cradling a fern. On the counter at the back are some great concrete Egyptian goddess heads. Tucked in a plant, or a fun suprise as you stroll in the garden.

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ICE campaign

As a critical care nurse I know how important it is to have accurate medical information and the ability to contact a patients family in an emergency. As I was checking out the blogs of a number of people on my "bloggers group", I came across this post on SunRose Aromatics blog. It involves a campaign started by a paramedic encouraging people to store their emergency info numbers in their cell phones. We all have one right?

Check it out, and be sure to update those cell phones tonight!

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The benefits of lavender

I am down to one large lavender plant in my garden, and next year I have plans to plant many many more. Lavender plants tend to weaken with age, and often need to be replaced every 5-6 years. After our vegetable garden was removed in September, I decided to relocate and replace many of my herb plants. I removed my 3 lavender plants which were becoming "woody" and sprawling. One of my favorite herbs, lavender has been used throughout the centuries for it's sweet perfume, and soothing, calming qualities. I use lavender in a number of my products, both the buds and essential oil of the plant. If you are having trouble sleeping, try a bath with lavender soap, or tub tea made with lavender buds and essential oil. Spritz your bed linens with a lavender linen mist to promote sweet dreams. If you have plans to add lavender to your spring garden consider the following:

Lavender is hardy in zones 5-8 and should be planted in FULL sun.

Rejuvenate your soil now with aged manure or compost for spring planting

Lavender is a perennial, and grows to a height of 2-3 feet so plan accordingly

There are many varieties of lavender, so check with your garden center for the best variety for your area. I plant the English lavenders, since I have found the spanish variety does not do well in my humid southern weather.

Prevent waterlogging, or "wet feet" by adding some sand to your soil. Lavender will not tolerate my Georgia clay soil without some amendment to loosen the soil. I did not need to water my lavender throughout our drought this summer since it tolerates dry conditions.

When planting your new plants, (either purchased or from cuttings), do not harvest the first year.

You can experience the benefits of my lavender products by clicking on the links below: Sweet dreams!

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Saturday, October 6, 2007

Practice Thankfulness

I have been feeling a little sorry for myself the last month. Our shop 'The Jasmine Moon", has had a rough time along with the other merchants due to streetscaping. The project was to be completed mid September, but the sidewalks have not even been poured.

One of my yahoo groups involves a band of newbie bloggers, plus a few seasoned ones who are prodding, pushing, and cajoling us to increase our blogging posts. Tina, the headmistress, has given us a few "assignments" to get our creative juices flowing. The last idea was something like taking a look at something we may take for granted, and looking at it in a different way.

Last night my husband and I went for a walk in Downtown Chickamauga. I looked up in the sky, and saw the clearest stars. Tina, I thought of you, and your assignment. How can we feel sorry for ourselves when we have the ability to see what others might not. The local high school football game was going on and the band was playing. How thankful I should be to hear. So .......
I have, for at least the time being, gotten off my pity wagon, and I want to say I am thankful for the following and so much more:

I am able to walk that 1 mile walk around the school, using my own two legs.
I am thankful I can see the stars, and hear the band and cheers for the football team.
I am thankful for my two sons who are healthy, a wonderful daughter n law who puts up with my craziness, and the MOST beautiful two granddaughters, Mackenzie, and Kendall.
I am thankful for my mom and dad (ages 78 and 81,) who without fail, call every birthday and insist on singing the whole birthday song, and who still think I am their little girl.
I am thankful for my sister and brother in law, her son, and his family.
I am thankful for all my friends, who I can without a hesitation call and whine, gripe, laugh and cry.
And last, but certainly not least, my husband, who has put up with my crazy ideas for 30 years now.
And thanks to Tina and her simple assignment that had me looking at the stars in a different way. You can read Tina's blog at

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Monday, October 1, 2007

It's Fall Ya'll

Officially fall arrived September 23 around 5 a.m. , but you wouldn't have known it here in North Georgia. Temps hovered in the 90's, and I was still in shorts and sandals. But, finally Saturday and Sunday, while still in the 80's a cool breeze and even cooler nights, made it appear fall may have really arrived. With the temperature dropping down to the 50's, I couldn't resist leaving the bedroom windows open and slipping under a light quilt. Cooler weather requires good comfort food and my friend Michele at Possum Creek Herbs offers a great recipe for sausage soup over at her blog
Cook up a big pot for dinner tonight, and plenty leftover. (you know it's better the 2nd and third time around!)


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