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Sunday, December 2, 2007


Life has a way of putting your dreams on hold, but then, just as quickly, reawakening them in you. You realize they weren't gone, just asleep for a while. I want to thank Maureen at Herbworld ( for suggesting a book in her latest newsletter. The book "Make Your Creative Dreams Real", spoke to me when I first read the cover. It indicated this was a plan for procrastinators, perfectionists, busy people and people who would rather sleep all day. Since I am such a procrastinator, and one who gets bored easily, the author's method of making your dreams real with "micromovements, was just what I needed to get back on the track to creating my dream life. Written in a 12 month format, the book assists you in identifying your dream, the roadblocks that keep you from living your dreamlife, and encouragement to pursue your dreams. If like me, you thought you couldn't live your dreams because of time, obligations, money, ........ I encourage you to buy this book or checkout at your local library. You can purchase the book at SARK's website or you can call your local bookstore. I encourage your to visit the website because there are other resources, newsletter etc. that you may enjoy.

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