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Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Gift of an Apron

                                                                                 This Apron is My Gift to You,
My grandmother said to me.
Woven with truth and Women's Power
It is Your Legacy
I reached across my grandmother's apron
And touched her gnarled hand,
and felt the soul's of all women
who's courage forged this land.
I thanked her softly for my present,
In tears, and filled with pride, 
           I greeted the shadows of aproned women,
     walking by my side.
            Gwen Peterson, excerpted from the Legacy
         in "Leaning into the Wind"

I saw this poem in an article in MaryJanes Farm magazine and immediately thought of my grandmother. I cannot ever remember her without an apron, and after she died I found one at my mother's home.  I asked if I could have it and keep it tucked away in a drawer now.  I brought it out when I did a craft show, and had many comments from women who remembered their grandmothers wearing one.  Aprons are making a come back now, and I think we women should share them with our daughters and grandmothers.

  What a great addition to a bridal gift basket or for a cook.  Add vintage cookbooks, recipe cards, and old cooking tools.  A gift that I am sure would bring back memories.

These vintage aprons are one of many on

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