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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Trellis Gardening

Thanks to Cassie for this guest post on  using trellises in the garden.

Gardening is a fun and exciting activity that you and your family will surely enjoy.  Aside from this, it can also serve as a great bonding moment with all the members of your family.  However, proper gardening is not always an easy task to do, and there are several factors that should be considered before you can start your activity in gardening. Below are some pointers you may want to be aware of.

The Use of Vineyard Trellises and Garden Arbors  

Most people would think that vineyard trellises are only used on large farms and commercial vineyards.  However, these trellises can work perfectly in your backyard.  Aside from the fact that garden arbors and trellises can create or provide beauty to the garden location, these structures are also very helpful in producing top quality clusters of grapes.  As you know, grapes are commonly used for wine production and it is important to raise them correctly.  The trellis can be very important in your mini grape garden to provide proper support to the fruit and optimum sweetness to the grapes.  Trellis systems also are being used in order to provide the right amount of sunlight to assist the plant during photosynthesis.  Photosynthesis is very important in aiding the vines to extend and grow properly and uniformly.  This process takes place when the vines are able to convert sunlight and  carbon dioxide into nutrients and sugar.  Because of photosynthesis, the fruits are able to produce a very good flavor and color while growing.

Other purposes of Vineyard Trellising

Because of the benefits of adding trellises to the garden, many farmers and gardeners already adopt the method of trellising to their gardens for many other uses other than grapes.  Whatever you use your trellis for, you should pick from a variety of methods to find the trellis suitable for your needs.

Large plants such as tomatoes are suitable for trellises, but should be supported by large posts that are 15 to 20 feet away from the plant.   It's also necessary to provide 15 to 18 inches between plants and use a 10 to 12 gauge wire to to trellis the plant.  The first wire should be about 6 inches from the soil.

Cassie supplied this article for   Many of your farm, garden, and trellising needs can be found here.  There was no compensation for this post.  Picture courtesy of

Happy Gardening


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