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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Winter Wonderland North Georgia Style

Saturday we awoke to a beautiful layer of snow. We don't see that much here, especially so early in the season. By 9:00 the sun had come out and the snow was almost gone. But, I couldn't resist taking a few pictures. Click on the pictures to get a better view. My oldest lavender next to the gate is covered with snow along with the new ones I planted this year. My calendula, which is STILL blooming, was untouched after the snow melted, and continues to hold on to it's blooms today. The chickens came out, pecking and hunting for bugs, oblivious to the snow which they had never seen, being born this spring.

Todays temperature? 59 degrees and windy. The low for tonight is a forcasted 28 degrees. No wonder my poor plants don't know what to do.


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