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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Wish I Were on the Beach

I haven't gone to the beach in a couple of years and I am taking this dreary day to dream of a trip next year. Gulf Coast of Alabama, or Florida.  It really doesn't matter as long as I get there.

My friend Shawn took this picture on her trip and I loved the simplicity of it.  Shawn creates one of a kind treasures and hosts her Studio Thursdays each month in her renovated silo home.  Proceeds go to the dogs she rescues and helps find "forever homes"  If you are ever near Nashville, Tennessee you need to attend one of her shows.

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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Peppermint foot scrub

Winter has finally made it to north Georgia, and I am not happy. I hate cold weather. We have seen a couple of frosts and today was windy with the highs in the 40's.  Next weeks low is 19 degrees. I won't be able to function. I know all of you who live up north and have snow piled up to the windows are not having a lot of sympathy for me right now, but you realize I am a southern girl right?

I have taken about 10 days off from work and had hoped to get some things done in my business Gardenchick, clean up my office, and generally act like a housewife and do things like cook and clean. I can put a couple of checkmarks by some of those but I am still looking at dust bunnies on the ceiling fans. So who comes to visit and looks up anyway? 

I have some of my products at a shop in Chickamauga called Bare Walls, and am sending some to a friends booth located in a new gallery in Chattanooga. My goal is to sale my products wholesale, and to place in shops locally. Tomorrow I have plans to go around to 3 Pet shops and take samples of my products.

Today I made Peppermint Foot Scrub, hence the title of this rambling post.  As a nurse, my feet ache, and those clogs I wear are not easy on the heels.  My foot scrub is made with sugar, brown sugar, cocoa butter, shea butter, and sweet almond oil. It is absolutely fantastic if I may say so myself.  It always sales out when I send it to my friends Studio Thursdays, and people at work love how it makes their feet feel. The peppermint essential oil is cooling and great for stinking feet. Theirs NOT mine.

I like to make my products look unique, and give them a little something xtra to separate them from all of the other products available, so I added a black button to the top, placed on a scrapbook paper cut out.

You can find my products on etsy, just click on  and follow the etsy button.

If you are reading this locally, contact me, and especially if you are a retailer, I would love to have my products on your shelves!



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