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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

I love vintage postcards, but can't remember where I picked this one up.  Not a lot of gardening going on this time of year, so I opened a booth at a local gallery in Chickamauga. BareWalls, located in the downtown shopping area is a mixture of antiques and local art. I enjoy using found objects to create something new. I find old furniture and paint it, make blackboards from old windows and mirror frames, candlesticks from old furniture legs, and anything else I can imagine.

I took this vintage postcard, along with others, and placed them on clean soup cans.( first paint the cans either black or orange). After that, I used a glaze that you can find at Michaels, Hobby Lobby, and other craft stores, gave the card a couple of coats and filled with candy..

Be on the lookout for Old Christmas Postcards that can be scanned and printed. (I didn't use the original since they usually cost about 3.00 each).  Print them on cardstock and make several.  Fill the Christmas Can with Christmas Candy such as Candy Canes.

You can also go on etsy and look under digital downloads. I found vintage witches that were emailed as a file and had the local printer print them out for me.  I will pick one of the leftover cans up at the shop and post a picture later.

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