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Monday, August 18, 2014

Herb Gardens

  Situated at the bottom of the steps on my back deck is a small herb garden.  I have had the garden for years and it has undergone a lot of transformation.  It is one of my favorite places to sit and just think.  My garden contains not only herbs, but purple iris, orange day lilies, pots of hens and chicks, and a variety of annual flowers to add color. I like whimsy in the garden, and as you can see by this picture, a lot of my junk market finds end up here.

This old tricycle was a gift from a friend and is surrounded by
thyme.  In the background you can see an old car that my son found in his yard when digging up plants.  Of course, he knew just who would want it!   Pineapple mint is overflowing by the end of the summer. An old gate provides a backdrop for the garden and is great for helping to stake large plants like iris and orange day lily. 
Plants in my garden include lavender, and lots of it. I had to remove my old lavender plants this spring because they had become woody and were splitting.  Wanting to try something new, planted Spanish Lavender and I wasn't as happy with it. You can't use the buds to dry because the flowers are feathery.   I'm not sure they will overwinter, but I plan on adding the Hidicote Lavender which does so well in my garden this spring.                                

Yarrow made it into the garden  this year as well as some small bush type dahlias from tubers.  The Russian sage planted last year has returned and is doing well.
I also added a fig bush at the corner, so you are not limited to just herbs in the garden.

Herb gardens are a great addition to your yard.  You don't have to limit yourself to just herbs if you designate a specific spot for your garden.  Herbs can also be tucked in the vegetable garden or placed in pots.  They just need a well drained, sunny spot, and you shouldn't have any trouble.

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