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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Organic Gardening Farming Magazine Volume 3

The latest issue of the organic gardening farming magazine is out and my first article is in it! If you have not signed up for this FREE magazine with great articles you are missing out on a wealth of information.

My article is Herbal Weddings and I believe you will enjoy the history of many of our wedding traditions. Did you know todays version of the wedding cake may have evolved from the early Roman tradition of breaking a loaf of bread over the brides head after the ceremony? Or, that many herbs were woven into the garments of the bridal party to represent love, fidelty or protection?

Other articles I know you will enjoy include:
Propagating Herbs
Preserve Your Tomato Harvest with the Sun
Planting by the Moon and Other Lore
Going Native: How Gardening with Native Plants Helps Wildlife

There is no cost for the magazine.  Sign up here: and receive it monthly. You can also view and download the previous two magazines.

Please let your readers (if you have a blog) know about this great resource.


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