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Saturday, June 19, 2010

My Creative Space

I am admitting here for everyone that I am scattered, and often unfocused.  My family and friends won't find this a big secret at all I would like to think that we "creative" people are like that, but I think I just do not like to do the stuff that is not much fun.  Thinking up new ideas, reading other people's blogs, cutting out things I want to make or do out of magazines, now that is fun. Straightening up my office, yuck!  But agreeing to participate in this blog party "Where Bloggers Create", put me in high gear.  I couldn't let anyone see the piles in my floor, scattered labels, and several coffee cups on my desk, so today was spent cleaning my office. I should have done this a long time ago, it is so much more conducive to creating. So here are my pictures. Of course, it is garden themed.  I have collected many things over the years, and have sold a few and kept a few.  The vision board is something everyone needs. You see mine includes both business and personal goals, what I want my business to be, the magazines I want to be featured in (of course Where Women Create is one of my goal magazines), the shed I want my husband to build to house my business, the places I want to go, and of course......the weight I want to loose.
Hope you enjoy.  And don't forget to go to MyDesertCottage  blog to view the others (list is on right of blog)

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