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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Looking for some Killer Plants?

It is Hot, Hot,Hot outside.  Maybe you are looking for some "cool" indoor gardening ideas? I have been inside watching a little too much CSI, because the idea of checking out these "killer" indoor plants came up.
Amy at Growing Plants Indoors will occasionally send me a blog post that she thinks my readers may enjoy and I am only too happy to use them, especially on these days when the heat has melted my brain!

Like the Black Widow spider, the Venus Fly Trap ensnares it’s pray… and then unapologetically devours it. The plant emanates a sweet smell, seducing insects to land in its “mouth”. Almost immediately, the jaws snap shut and a powerful enzyme dissolves the insect into a digestible liquid.

Check out more of these insect eating plants at
10 Indoor Plants That Can Eat Insects
Enjoy, and stay COOL!

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