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Friday, June 18, 2010

Beautiful Indoor Gardens

Every summer I put my indoor plants out on my deck, and except for watering and a little fertilizer, I pretty much forget about them.  Amy at Growing Plants Indoors sent me information on these awesome indoor gardens.  As I was scrolling thru them I noticed the one in Nashville at Opryland Hotels. I have seen this before and it is beautiful.  The city of Nashville experienced the worst flood in their history a few months ago, and the hotel closed, laying off hundreds of people.  I wonder if this beautiful garden survived?

My plan was to plant a cutting garden this year,  but like most plans they were bigger than the time I had to put into it after the huge vegetable garden, a new fence, a redo of my perennial garden, etc., etc.,....
I love flowers indoors and to receive flowers for no reason.  A fresh bouquet on the bedside table, or on the kitchen table can bring an indoor garden in without all the fuss.  If you need a pick me up, order flowers today.....for no reason

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