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Friday, June 4, 2010

Don't Throw That Away, I can Use It In the Garden!

This bottom of a wheelbarrow was given to me by Sandra, and I screwed the tub on.  Plans were to fill it with lantana, but I have now decided to place a big fern in it, to add interest under an oak tree.

I was out in the garden yesterday and I thought I would share some of my unusual containers I have picked up along the way, or have been given. When you like junk, you seem to somehow attract it.  In fact, my friend Sandra called yesterday to let me know of a sale, and we are going this afternoon.  And how is it that you seem to attract friends who like the same junk?  Go figure. We also like the same books to inspire us to buy even MORE junk.  My best friend Becky and I are going to Minneapolis in September for a "Where Women Create" event, and as fate would have it, it includes a trip to the JUNK BONANZA! Life just doesn't get any better.

Hope these pictures inspire you to go buy some "recycled" containers. They look add interest and color to the garden, and the porch or deck.

hens and chicks in an old feed scoop 
lantana in a logold wicker chair and enamel bucket add color to this corner of house under shade tree  I only paid 10 for the chair years ago and it has been painted 3 colors.  Moss rose in a scotts spreader adds color to the area around the patio. The soil is bad and the area has full sun, so containers are a good choice.This is one of my favorite finds.  Found in an antique store, it made a perfect addition to the front yard perennial bed. Paid a little more than I usually do, will last forever.

Happy Hunting!
I would love to receive pictures of your garden treasures to post on my blog

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