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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

What a Difference 12 Weeks Make

I wrote about the baby chicks in March. Thank goodness we had an early spring and warm weather so that I could get them out of the house and into the barn. They are to stay inside and under a light until they have their true feathers. 
Take a look at them now.  They have plenty of room to roam around and I try to feed them a varied diet to keep them happy. They are finished with their chick grower and have moved on to laying feed. I supplement it with scratch feed which is just cracked corn and provides no protein. But chickens like to scratch, and this fulfills that need. I also take them bread, and tonight they had the seeds and pulp from a cantalope I cut, along with some sliced tomatoes from the refrigerator after I had cleaned out. The temperature is 93 degrees and chickens drink a LOT of water. My waterer is a gallon and they will drink that in two days. Hopefully they will return my good care with some eggs this fall.

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