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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Construction at the Jasmine Moon Shop

The city of Chickamauga where my shop "The Jasmine Moon" is located received a streetscaping grant. This included replacing all the drainage pipes underground, taking up the trees, installing underground utilities, new sidewalks, and new landscaping. The opposite side of the street where my shop is, was started first. While not completed, at least there is parking now on that side of the street. The islands for landscaping are installed, but empty, and the new light post are up. I closed the shop yesterday and today, since they started on our side, and a huge hole was in front of my business this morning when I went in to check for mail, and my voicemail messages. By this afternoon, they had placed yellow police tape on both sides of the door leading out to the road, and had "created" a gravel walkway. I thought this was a great opportunity for me to do some shopping and I traveled to Murfreesboro, Tenn (1 1/2 hours) to pick up some "garden junk" I like to buy old gardening tools, garden gates, and other trash to treasures. I packed the car with a gate, some concrete garden mushrooms, old yellow/red metal bread trays (they will look great on the wall with some black and white photo's tied to them, an old yellow beehive to put in the garden, old metal pitchers to plant hens and chicks in and a few other "treasures". I want to go in early tomorrow to rearrange in the shop, hoping that the construction and weather doesn't keep the shoppers out.

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