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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Finally, Rain

There is a water shortage in Georgia, and restrictions have been placed on watering your garden. We can only water on certain days. Our vegetable garden hasn't suffered, because my husband has been responsible for it. We had some great fried squash with dinner last night. There is going to be lots of cucumbers, and tomatoes soon. I was out this morning at 7:30 a.m. (before the blistering heat and humidity has taken hold), and finally weeded, and trimmed my herb garden. My rosemary is about 5 years old and has taken over the bed. I trimmed it back along with sage, oregano, chamomile, lemon balm, catnip, pineapple mint, and chives. My yarrow is looking okay, and the pineapple sage planted in the vegetable garden is already flowering. A lavender planted by the steps going down to the patio has flourished in this hot weather and has hundreds of blooms. I hope they stay pretty so that I can cut some for the shop opening on Saturday. I want to have a "lavender" table all by itself. I picked up 10 lavender plants from Possum Creek Herbs today, and will make Lavender Tub Teas, and Bath Salts this week for the table. Add lavender soap, and linen spray and I hope the table will be a hit. the shop will smell good if nothing else.

Chive Blossoms:

Here is a photo of my chive blossoms. These are edible and are good in a salad or an egg omelet. Pick them when they are nice and full and before they start to dry out. I try to trim my chives when they start drooping over. This will perk them right back up. Every 3-4 years, dig them up and separate the little bulbs. Replant, or give several to your friends.


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