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Monday, June 18, 2007

I'm Back!

Where has the time gone? When I started this blog, I promised myself I would be consistent in posting. Well.......a lot has been going on but hopefully I am back on track. My daughter n law Ashley and I opened the Jasmine Moon Garden Shop on May 5th, during "Down Home Days" in Chickamauga. We were absolutely overwhelmed at how well we did, and in fact, did throughtout May.Our shop is not your usual garden shop where you carry flowers, gardening tools, and buy decor from the market in Atlanta. We have a lot of one of a kind gardening decor, (meaning we buy from flea markets), garden themed t shirts, my GardenChick ( bath and body products, herbal teas, Mackenzies Garden Kits, and furniture. Some of the furniture I purchase from silo studios ( Shawn makes unique garden benches, potting benches, outdoor sinks etc., in her great studio in Middle Tennessee.

Ashley and I did so well, we have decided we needed more room, and closed shop last week to reopen in a bigger shop located in downtown historic Chickamauga Ga. Opening day is June 30th, and we are working frantically to fill the 1300 square fee. (we moved from 300 square feet).

I am embarrassed to say my garden has suffered from my being so busy, but I have the next two days to get the herb garden whipped into shape, plant two flats of impatiens (which I have to continually water in this wilting heat), and plant several things I purchased at the Nashville Lawn and Garden Show in March. You would think someone who promoted and loved gardening like me, would have lush gardens, manicured lawn etc. Ha Ha. My husband has been totally responsible for our vegetable garden, getting out to the garden at 7 am on certain days (we are in a drought in Georgia and you can only water your garden on certain days). The humidity is terrible, and the high's in the 90's every day. But mind you, I am not complaining. I absolutely hate winter. And it is pretty mild in Georgia. No snow last year except a few flurries, and I believe one inch of snow which melted by the end of the day.

I am including some pictures of the inside of the shop before we closed.


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