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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Monday Make Your Dream Come True: Compromise

I was reading "cat herders" comment on last weeks post about the frustration of having to work your regular job while wanting to be at home working on your creative passions.  I can feel her pain, but like her, I work a full time job, not only for the financial reasons, but health insurance, 401K, etc.....
Surely, there is some way to have it all, but if not, let's think about compromise.  I have several loves. My Gardenchick business, my love of junking, and making jewelry.  I tried having a booth at shops several times, but just keeping up with bringing new things in  to make enough money to pay your booth and commission becomes overwhelming with a full time job and all of the other obligations we have in life.  Compromise:  My friend Sandra and I rent a storage facility and split the monthly cost. As we buy things from our junking adventures, in it goes.  In April, we have been invited to have a booth at an outdoor show.  Wala. I get to enjoy the hunt of the junk, but not the worry of needing it right now, and what fun it will be to bring it all out in April and display it.

If you make jewelry, keeping up with an online business is hard. The competion online with your own site and sites such as Etsy is daunting. Trunk shows are very popular and you have a captive audience viewing only your creations.  Why not get with a friend or two, who either make jewelry, or maybe something complementary such as bath and body products, hand bags, etc.....    Set the date months in advance, maybe for next Christmas, and have a trunk show at one of your houses.  Remember all those "home parties" you have gone to for friends?  Let them return the favor and invite several of their friends to your home show.   Make pictures of your products to put on your online site and use that as your "catalog", for orders for those unable to attend.

It doesn't have to be all or nothing.  Explore alternative ways to enjoy your passions while continuing to work.


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