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Wednesday, January 18, 2012


I was vegging out in front of the television this morning watching the "Hoarders" and eating cheetos.  I deserved it.  I had worked a 13 hour shift in the ICU yesterday, picked up my granddaughters after work to stay the night, and had taken them a 35 minute trip to school, in the rain, and in rush hour traffic downtown.   Anyway.... that brings me to the hoarders.  As I watched room after room piled to the ceiling with garbage, I think why don't they just start something?  Pick the sink, pick a corner of a room, clean that, then stop.  Set a timer for 30 minutes, then stop. But do something.  Obviously, I don't understand the mind of a hoarder, but I do understand how overwhelming a big task can be. 
For instance, my huge back yard.  This drizzly morning as I look out my window, my mind drifts to all the projects I want to do this spring that didn't get crossed off my list last year.  I quickly became overwhelmed.  So I decided to take some advice I heard when you want to "do it all", and "do it now".

F.  Follow
O. One
C. Course
U. Until
S. Satisfied

Instead of looking at the whole yard, I picked what I wanted MOST. That is my garden shed for my business.  That's it, no thinking about arbors, fencing, patios, and paths. No new gardens, or putting in ponds. 

In 30 minutes, I picked the location I wanted, determined the size, made plans to clean out area when the weather warms, determined the materials I wanted (from pictures I had cut out of a magazine),  and made a list ofsome flowers I wanted to plant around it.

What big task do you have to complete?  Break it down, 30 minutes at a time, and DO Something.


* I believe Angela Stalcup of Ladies Who Launch (Atlanta), gave me this advise.

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