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Monday, January 19, 2009

Holiday survival

My granddaughters, Mackenzie and Kendall are here today. Mackenzie is off from school for the Martin Luther King Holiday. We had a sleepover, so that they did not have to get up so early to come over this morning. Early?.....they were both up by 6:30 this morning! By nine o'clock, we had eaten, watched some cartoons, and dressed up as fashion girls. I needed to clean the house, so I set the timer on the stove and told them when the timer went off we would plant the little strawberry grow pots my sister had gotten them at Target for Valentines. We did an experiment. Kendalls is covered by a baggie and Mackenzie's is open. We are going to see whose sprouts first. They are little Alpine Strawberry Kits and cost $1.00
You can find them at

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