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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Garden theme workspaces

Winter has finally reached North Georgia. The last two weeks were rainy, with our area under flood and tornado watches. (the temperatures were in the 50's) I came home one afternoon to find the back of my property completely underwater. Guess I won't plant those apple and peach trees back there this spring.
Last years drought left our area with a deficit of 14 inches, and this rain has whittled that down to -8. There's not a lot you can do outside now. A Burpees seed catalog came yesterday and after dinner, I have plans with the recliner and a cup of coffee to dream of spring and plan next years garden. This catalog has quite a bit of heirloom varieties and that is one of my plans for this years gardening. (More on that tomorrow, so be sure and check back).

So.....I had no other choice than start on my 2009 goals. Clean my office! Organize my office!. I don't know about ya'll but I just can't work in a space with four walls and a computer. It has to inspire me and make me want to come and work. I love to collect garden junk, so what better way and better place to showcase it? The pictures show my old red cabinet filled with some of my favorite finds....a paint by number kit (flowers of course) which was an estate sell find for $1.00, my old rose care kit ( a gift), and other odds and ends. On top is a metal childs chair and birdhouse. The work table houses a couple of books, pictures of my granddaughters gardening, and on top new uses for a pepsi cola wooden box, and an old red tool box. The table was a gift from a friend, and the red chair (8.00) was spray painted red. Guess you can tell my theme colors are reds, whites, and blues? The computer hutch was a gift from my husband (he's not quite into the junk decor), but I filled it with my gardening finds. Gnomes, 1950's pixies, a "See Rock City' seed packet, a fruit box and my little yellow chick. If you click on the pictures you can see my junk better. On the top shelf is a picture of my mom and her sister (my mom is the younger one), standing in a field of corn.
Start your collecting now if you haven't already. Collect what you like, store it until you have a few things, then bring them all together until you can create your special place.

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  • love your space karen! wow, you have so many wonderful finds and love all your pics! i love the red of the glassed cabinet. here in illinois we have been having winter alot longer, and it has been a joy to discover your blog during that time! hugs

    By Blogger comfrey cottages, At January 12, 2009 at 5:58 AM  

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