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Saturday, November 22, 2008

caring for dwarf lime tree

I bought this little lime tree at a Garden Show last April. It was only the size of a little stick and cost $10.00, so I pampered it all summer, placing it in the sun on our deck. When it started to get cool at night I brought it in our kitchen, and I put it in front of the glass door going out to our deck. You will notice the leaves are a little yellow, and this indicated poor drainage or the need for fertilizer. I took it out of the bottom pan (it was in a clay pot, and I sat that in an orange pail for decoration). We also had about 3 days of heavy rain, and I should have moved it off the deck under shelter. Also, I have limited my watering to when it feels dry about 2 inches down in the soil. I will need to purchase a well balanced fertilizer (2-1-1) and feed about once a month. Wonder how long it will take before I can garnish all those Margarita glasses?

Check out this blog for more info on growing dwarf fruit trees.


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