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Monday, March 18, 2013

It must be St. Patrick Day, My Fingernails are Green

Yesterday was a beautiful day.  Temperature in the high 70's and sunny.  After a stint at the soccer field with my granddaughters, I came home to finally work in my garden.  It was long overdue.  Like most of you I work a full time job in addition to trying to resurrect, and grow my business Gardenchick, so my yard often suffers.  So many projects, so little time.  I tend to become overwhelmed when I see all the things I want to do, and have learned over the years to focus on one or two things at a time.  That way I feel like I have gotten something accomplished, when I see at least a couple of finished projects.
Yesterday was my strawberry patch in the raised bed.  It had become overgrown, full of chickweed, pine cones and needles from the nearby pinetree and leaves.  All that was cleaned out, and new mulch put down.  I started this bed last year and its amazing how many baby strawberries there are from 5 plants. 

My chicken pen is not pretty.  I love looking at all the coops on pinterest, and hopefully, can get something a little more fitting for the girls one day.  For now, however, I am trying to add a little interest to the fencing.  On HGTV they call this staging.  LOL

 Not so sure they were talking about chicken pens! I brought in a few junking finds, an old feeder, mop bucket, and a water holder.  All the old dirt was cleaned out, new added, and wood chips placed on the ground underneath.  Since my husband does all the mowing, he complains about all the junk in the yard which he can't move and get up close to.  Of course that never stops me, I just have agreed to be the weed puller and the mulch keeps the weeds down.  Plans are for yellow lantana in the feeder, and red geraniums in the mop bucket.  Yellow and red and the hens favorite colors!

Spring is on the way, so get started with those gardening chores!


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