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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Fall is Finally Here

Fall has finally arrived! Gone is the sweltering heat of the summer, and arrived is cool nights and pleasant days. The grass is green and many of my flowers and plants have become rejuvenated.
My herb garden was overtaken by weeds, but I discovered one columbine plant had survived along with a foxglove.  I feel guilty that I had neglected the gardens and yard, but if it wasn't scorching hot, the mosquitos would eat you alive.  My yarrow has taken on new life around the rusty old discarded tricycle. (My friends give me junk they find on the side of the road. Thank you Sandra!


 My granddaughters dragged out the crochet set again, which had
been put away due the heat and never ending swarm of mosquitos.
I sat out this game, they were mad at me for winning 

My lantana and pompas grass love this cool weather!

If only they had looked this good all summer.

And finally......
The garden has been put to bed awaiting another spring.

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