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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Arctic Blast Headed for the East Coast

Thankfully, we won't get anything like the storm headed for New York and Washington D.C., just drizzling rain, grey skies, and 44 degrees.

Toasty warm inside, I was looking through some information in my ever growing pile of "need to keep" and found a great source for those who love wildflowers and would like to know more about planting and growing them.

I ran across a free seed catalog from WildSeed Farms (1OMB download) that you may want to check out. It’s jam packed with beautiful photos and detailed information. Topics include:
When Should I Plant?
How to plant wildflowers
Starting your wildflowers from seed
Seed Germination
Seed Storage
What is an Annual, Perennial, Biennial?
Weed control
And much more.
This is a catalog so they do include information about their products, but the pictures and information could help you plan your garden, teach your kids about a wide variety of flowers and herbs, or assist you in some educational/craft projects.
*if you have a blog and are looking for new ideas or material for your blog, sign up at for their free emails. Each email has sources/freebies etc., that may be of interest to your readers.
The wildflower picture came from

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