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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Herbal Tub Teas

I gathered up my courage, and early this morning went out to gather the lavender off of my plants. Who knew bees got up so early? I hadn't even heard my little rooster attempt his weak crows this morning. Anyway, not to be deterred, I dove in and started clipping back the stalks. The bees could have easily moved on to other plants, but no, we both were determined to get the lavender. I won without incident. I read if you showed no fear, the bees would not sting you. They must have fell for my ruse, because we both were working as fast as we could with only a few warning buzzes to move me back. After the lavender dries (I am placing it in a brown paper in the back of my hot, closed up car for a few days), I will to make some fresh lavender buds. I have a mixture left over that I use for the tub teas I sell and it still smells wonderful. I will add a little lavender essential oil to freshen it up.

What you need:

Mix the ingredients. I usually use equal parts oatmeal, powder, dried herbs and a few drops essential oil.

Place in the heat sealable tea bag and iron the top shut or in a muslin bag.

Place the bag under the running water, or make a tea from it and pour into your running bath.

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